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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> we were pleasantly surprised -- >> i was trying to work today -- [laughter] >> it happens. no snow. we did have a couple of hours were mixed in with some snow. "keep talking, weatherman."
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>> the storm was too fast. >> the storm was too fast for the cold air. it was a pretty good snowstorm around pennsylvania and new york state. there's nothing on the ground. for all you kids, there's knows no snow. >> i think i would be wearing a disguise. >> 38 right now at the airport. another big story is the wind. it could gust up to 40. let me do one forecast. mostly sunny and caold. there could be a tree issue.
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i'm sure the crickets are chirping. >> i am not speaking to you. the roads are in pretty good shape. at phoenix road, there is some debris in the road. the right lane is closed. looking good on the northeast corner as you make your way towards the west side. so far so good on at 95. one issue we have is flooding. 450 is closed in anne arundel county. we will check some of our cameras. moving well through ellicott city. no delays. it is early. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> are big story -- our big story -- there's quite a bit of
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wind. we will check the windy conditions. and it is cold. >> this is the first time i'm wearing a scarf. it is windy. the kids are not going to be happy. jack frost is nipping in your nose. -- at your nose. that is not snow. that is frost. i hope tony pann has a scraper. there was a glaze on the deck. in the parking lot, there is water in the parking lot, not
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ice. good news.s could new >> you just saved tony by saying there's something on that car. >> it is my job to help him out. >> alright. you can stay ahead of the storm on a facebook to get the 11 insta-weather forecast. they did get plenty of snow in garrett county. that is a lot of the snow there. this shot of a worker tackling the roads at wisp resort. we invite you to share your photos at the u local section.
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>> two police officers are suspended amid allegations of sexual misconduct. the case involves an incident of a sexual nature. a third officer said it happened in october. the officers accused were off duty at the time. >> there are a general orders for the police department and there's a certain weight you have to act if you're a member of the baltimore police department. we hold ourselves to a higher standard. >> the eeoc is handling this investigation. a suspension is standard procedure for an eeoc investigation. there was a stabbing on wednesday night on the woodland
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avenue. the victim and a man died at the scene. >> animal control officials have 30 days to determine the fate of a pair of pit bulls. at issue is whether the dogs should be euthanized. two pit bulls attacked the woman's dog. the owner of the pit bulls said he is pledging to fight for his dogs. police say a company never refunded money received from schools in anne arundel county. in each case, their promise to have a player from the ravens
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talked at school assemblies. at least 17 schools were involved. >> it is fun to think about which celebrities you would want to have over for dinner if you could. jennifer aniston is the number- one preferred dinner guest. brad pitt also got top spots. meal, as cooking e-mthe number one.deen was that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> very interesting question this morning. >> stan stovall is my choice. >> i'm still waiting. >> 4:37.
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jerry sandusky arrested again. >> a standoff inside a burning home. what police are saying about
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>> welcome back. 41 degrees. if you're looking for the snow, no snow last night. the roads are fine. no weather problems expected today. it is a little windy. 38 degrees but it feels like it is in the 20's. mostly sunny skies today. snow showers possible in the mountains. we will come back and check the seven-day forecast. >> a very bizarre ending to a
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dramatic stand off in washington state. police are trying to figure rep what happened to a man who shot at police from inside his burning home. the shooting lasted for at least 90 minutes. they do not believe the man has escaped from the home but they have not found his body. jerry sandusky is behind bars this morning. he was arrested for a second time this morning on new charges of sex abuse. he met all the alleged victims through his charity. his attorney is expected to be out on bail sometime today. >> a national prayer vigil for the unemployed today. calling for extending unemployment benefits that are expected to expire on december 31.
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the protests will be four days long. degrees on tv hill. the pope was the man in charge on flipping the switch. >> the latest remarks by mitt romney on president obama. >> not a lot of volume out there and the roads are
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning.
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sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. it is early so we're not dealing with any delays. the roads are in pretty good shape. southbound york road at phoenix road, some debris in the right lane. take harrisburg expressway. we're up to speed on the major roadways. the entire beltway is running smoothly. speeds a bit slow on southbound 95 as volume builds approaching the 32 down towards the capital beltway. 55 in the glen burnie area. 97 south of 100. wind warnings at the area bridges this morning. no major problems. this is 29 at 108. north and southbound traffic in pretty good shape. this is providence road. very few cars at the moment.
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enjoy the quiet ride. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> good morning. a lot of you are disappointed. the storm out ran the cold air. we had a mix of rain and cold snow and nothing stock to the ground. several inches out and garrett county. we will say goodbye to the storm. we will get some sunshine today. the clouds will be breaking up. the wind will be gusting close to 30 miles an hour in some places. the temperature will feel like it is in the 20's this morning. 38 at the airport. the 39 in catonsville. when you factor in the wind, you have to take off about 10
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degrees. the wind chills are running in the 20's right now. 24 in westminster. the wind chills will be like that all morning. for the kids at the bus stop, make sure they are dressed appropriately. it will feel much colder than these temperatures on the service maps. mostly sunny and colder. we had two inches of rain yesterday. high temperatures in the mid 40's. tonight, mostly clear skies. the wind will diminish. temperatures will drop in most locations. tomorrow, a nice quiet day. high pressure will be in control on the east coast. there is a chance we could see some sprinkles or florey's on
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friday -- sprinkles or flurries. a mixture of sun and clouds. a high near 48. colder on saturday with a high temperature of 43. on sunday, the weather looks ok. sunshine and chilly with a high near 48. back into the 50's on monday and tuesday. a pretty quiet but cold seven- day forecast. >> heavy fighting breaks out in yemen. anti-government protesters have been demonstrating for 10 months. demonstrations erupted into violence. there has been fighting for
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months. thousands are believed to have died. cabinet was sworn into office. they lined up to take their oaths. the field marshal has ruled the country since a popular uprising forced hosni mubarak from power. the new leader has never been implicated in corruption allegations. this year pope benedict switched on the lights to the vatican christmas tree. the tree extends up a hillside for 820 yards in italy.
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this has been a tradition to light the tree on december 7. the pope said me everyone become the light to those next to him. >> mitt romney attacks president obama. he's trying to convince the party he is conservative enough to be their nominee. >> losing ground and running at a time, mitt romney is fighting to convince conservatives he is the man to take on president obama. >> i don't think he understands america. >> mitt romney when on the offensive in a forum in washington. he was well received as he slammed the president for being too tough on israel. >> he seems to be more generous
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to our enemies. that is the tendency of somebody who is unsure of their own strengths. ismitt romney's strange waning -- strength is waning at the wrong time. >> how many of you believe we need fundamental change? >> conservatives questioned whether mitt romney is conservative enough. >> he is now attacking the speaker on family values. >> i will be true to my family, my faith, and my country. >> fighting for the conservative core. >> our coverage continues on line. you can follow the candidates and keep track of who was leading the pack on the politics page of
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4:51. 36 degrees on tv hill. a new website -- >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. which celebrity would you most like to have over for dinner? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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>> social networks are great resources to keep in touch with people that are far away. there's a new website to help neighbors privately. >> you already know about facebook.
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what to do if you want to get social with people next door? this man accused next door get to know is neighbors better. >> it is a great tool that allows us to communicate with one another in an efficient manner. >> it uses software to answer questions online. it is private, letting you win it if you can prove you live in the neighborhood. >> solving real problems in your everyday lives. it is not necessarily about being social. it is about solving your problems. >> say you lost a bicycle or need a babysitter. wouldn't it be helpful to know your neighbors better?
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>> technology has done a great job with putting us in contact with people who live far away. >> think about it as a social network and a security system rolled into one. >> a security camera captures a squirrel pulling a fire alarm at a local school. take a look at this. the scroll hangs on to the lever -- the squirrel hangs on to the lever. the squirrel has become somewhat of a legend. there we go. check out this sign. this is 10 miles away from the white house. onk ifts drivers to ha
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they're wearing a thong. not enough thongs in the area? montgomery county has removed that sign. >> that cannot be cheap. 36 degrees on tv hill. >> i am jennifer franciotti reporting live in westminster where it is frosty, windy, and cold. >> linking the payroll tax cut to a controversial pipeline. >> get ready for the blinding snow -- wait a minute. that was yesterday. it is just windy and cold. >> we're tracking one problem in
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the city and we wil
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